Over the past few years I had the chance to supervise the following brilliant students:


Ilse Barraza – Ilse’s passion for lizards extends to a keen interest in the evolutionary processes associated with islands. With considerable experience in fieldwork, she embodies ambition and maintains a consistently positive mindset. Anticipation surrounds Ilse’s PhD about olfaction in subterranean reptiles and amphibians, expected to yield remarkable outcomes. – 2023-2026

♦ Dennisse Ruelas is working on the systematic of Thomasomys (Rodentia). Among her integrative investigations she also worked on the potential link between the altitude and the relative size of respiratory turbinals. Co-supervised on one project with Pierre-Henri Fabre – 2022

-1 article in preparation


Rémi Giro is a highly efficient and autonomous student who is currently working on the potential impact of inbreeding and captivity on the brain and especially on the olfactory bulb. Rémi is also a mushroom enthusiast – 2023

-2 articles in preparation

♦ Arthur Naas is a hard-working student who investigated in rodents, the covariation between several internal anatomical structures of the skull, especially some related to olfaction and feeding strategies. He also investigated potential convergent evolution – 2021 

Arthur is also an expert in Carnivora. He is now doing a PhD in Montpellier (France) on the evolution of prehensile tails and arboreality in mammals. 

-1 article published: 

Martinez, Q., & Naas, A. (2021). Digest: New insight into sensory trade-off in phyllostomid bats. Evolution. 

-2 articles in preparation

♦ Elisa Emily Davis was supposed to work on the olfactory bulb in small mammals at large. Unfortunately she arrived during the pandemic and we had to re-write the project on already acquired data. She investigated the relative surface area of olfactory turbinals in subterranean rodents. Elisa is also passionate about fishes, ask her about it – 2020

-1 article in preparation 

♦ Theo Corbet worked on turbinal bones in wild mice. For example he investigated the potential impact of insularity. Co-supervised with Sabrina Renaud – 2019

-1 article in preparation 

♦ Mark Wright worked on the diversity of turbinal bones among myrmecophagous mammals. Co-supervised on methodological aspects with Sergio Ferreira Cardoso and Lionel Hautier. Mark is now doing a PhD in Harvard, USA – 2017 

-2 article in preparation 

♦ Benjamin Dubourguier worked on the diversity of turbinal bones among armadillos. Co-supervised on methodological aspects with Lionel Hautier and Pierre-Henri Fabre – 2016 

-1 article in preparation with Mark Wright

Undergraduate students, introductory internship

♦ Jasmin Wagner – Passionate about frogs, Jasmine is highly meticulous in her work. She aspires to pursue a career as a herpetologist. Despite just finishing high school, Jasmine has already conducted various field trips in South America in search of frogs and worked with us on olfaction and brain in Gymnophiona. She is also a photographer and a circus performer – 2023

-2 articles in preparation

Léo-Paul Charlet is a highly motivated student who is extremely efficient on the field. He worked with us to develop an experimental design to test olfaction in Gymnophiona, especially in Typhlonectes compressicauda. He is also a mountain hiker and a backpacker – 2022

-1 article in preparation

♦ Soraya Bengattat – 2019

♦ Charlene Sanchez – 2018

♦ Elodie Conte – 2017

♦ Emilie Eveque – 2017